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Dog grooming Sussex Self Service

Has your dog just been for a walk ?

Nice and muddy ?

 Rolled in something ?

Shedding hair ?



 Don't want to take them home, through the house, and up into your tub ?


Well now you don't have to!


Just come into Handsome Hounds self service.

Designed and Imagined by an Award Winning Groomer


Here's how it works:


The Self Service Salon is Open 24/7 on a code entry system.

If you are new to the facility simply call us on 01903 810061 to get the code.


No need to bring towels, shampoo or a comb even... Everything is available in the salon.

You will however have to bring some small change - 

The electrcity for all our professional equipment is on a timer costing

£1 for 2 mins.


The coin machine IS CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING £1 (New style only)


This facility includes;


Elevated baths

Dog ramp access


High velocity blaster

Stand dryer



Shampoo's (Tea-Tree / Tangerine & Grapefruit)

Safe enclosed area with CCTV and locks.

 Secure Dog gate, and tie points for leash / noose.


Please always remember though:

This facility and its equipment is Self Service Use at your OWN risk.

Pets should NEVER be left unattended in this area and ESPECIALLY NEVER left unattended whilst on a noose. 

Use of the high velocity blaster should ONLY be done on dogs that are comfortable and happy with it. If your dog becomes stressed or shows signs of anxiety with any of the equipment please stop using it immediately - and always feel free to contact us with your concerns.


If you come in the salon and there is any faulty or malfunctioning equipment please report it to us as soon as possible, either through our contact page

email or by phone on 01903 810061  


ANY Harmful/Neglectful behaviour or purposeful damage withing this salon, WILL be reported to the appropriate authorities immediately .

Remember Smile - you're on C.C.T.V.

Dog grooming Sussex Self Service
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