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Will I have a choice of styles?

We offer to be able to groom your dog in a style of your choice on condition the coat is knot free and plentiful and the dog is of good temperament. We offer different price ranges for you to choose, which reflect the work carried out

Do you have a collection service?

Collection and delivery is available under prior arrangement at an additional cost. Please call for a quote.

Is there anything I should bring?

You could bring a treat with your dog-preferably something really tasty which your pet wont refuse. This acts as a really good reward for good behaviour and helps us to gain your dogs interest

What equipment do I need at home?

You will need a brush and comb for your pets coat type and will usually need to use this on a weekly basis, removing knots and debris from the coat. A secure table makes a good place for grooming as your pet will be in a more comfortable position for you to reach around the legs. It is also beneficial for your pet if you remove the hair from the ears on a weekly basis

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