Hello and welcome to our Online Booking system.

Also, given the current working system we are using, for the safety of both our customers & staff, drop off is now at the rear of the shop (to the left of the shop behind the row next to us). We have a large sign where our self service area is, we are still social distancing both within the salon and with customers, collection will be from the front as normal.


If you are looking to make an appointment for cat or a handstrip breed, please contact us first.

Contact details can be found here

You will need to be registered with the website in order to book your pet. Registration can be found at the top right of this page, or by clicking Reserve a time button below.

If you are already registered, then make sure you are logged in.

If you are a new customer, don't forget to register your dogs details first from the button on the Home page

All bookings are reservations, you will receive an email after you make your reservation, and then you will receive a confirmation email within 24hours if the booking is successful.